13 Unique Advent Calendars

If you give out advent calendars before the Christmas season and want to branch out beyond the traditional chocolate advent calendars, our list will help! These 13 unique advent calendars will help you find the perfect advent calendar. There’s no chocolate or candy here!

1. Bonne Maman Jam Advent Calendar

Perfect for anyone who loves bread or baking, the Bonne Maman Jam advent calendar includes 23 unique mini spreads and 1 mini honey for 24 days of joy. They can count down the days till Christmas with a sweet taste!

2. 12 Days of Noodles Advent Calendar

12 Days of Noodles - A-Sha Advent Calendar - Unique Advent Calendar That Will Blow Their Mind

If you know a ramen or instant noodle lover, then this 12 Days of Noodles advent calendar is perfect! With 12 delicious Asian-inspired noodle packages, they’ll have lunch figured out for the days leading up to Christmas.

3. Rubber Duck

This fun advent calendar is great for people of all ages! Whether it’s a toddler or an adult, everyone loves rubber ducks. All 24 rubber ducks are decked out for Christmas and will make bathtime festive all season long!

4. Lego Advent Calendar

Lego advent calendars are super fun! So many different types are available, so you can find one they’ll love. With 24 little gifts including figurines, blocks, and more, they’ll love being able to build every day as they wait for Christmas.

5. National Geographic Gemstone Advent Calendar

If you know a budding geologist or someone who just loves rocks, a gemstone advent calendar will blow their mind! With 24 stunning gemstones, they’ll love adding to their collection. A little bag to collect the treasure is included, as well.

6. Brainteaser Advent Calendar

Perfect for any puzzle lover, this brainteaser advent calendar features 24 different brainteasing puzzles. You can pick between metal, wood, or basswood. This advent calendar is fun for all ages!

7. Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

Know someone who likes it hot? A 12 Days of Hot Sauce Advent Calendar is perfect for them!

8. 24 Days of Science Experiments Advent Calendars

This is the perfect advent calendar for anyone who loves science! These science experiments are appropriate for anyone eight and older. With 24 days of science experiments, they’ll be kept busy as they count down the days until Christmas!

9. Sephora Beauty Must Have Advent Calendar

Count down to Christmas with the gift of beauty! This Sephora 25 Days of Beauty Must Haves advent calendar has sample size beauty goodies, ranging from perfume to make up. She’ll love it way more than any chocolate!

10. Play-Doh Advent Calendar

Encourage their creativity with this Play-Doh advent calendar! With Play-Doh and accessories, this will provide 24 days of entertainment. It’s suitable for everyone aged 3 or older.

11. Funko Pop Advent Calendar

Give them the gift of Funko Pop this Christmas with one of the many Funko Pop advent calendars! With options including Disney, Star Wars, and more, you can find one for nearly everyone on your list.

12. Fishing Lure Advent Calendar

This fishing lure advent calendar is perfect for any fisherman or woman in your life! With 24 different plastic lures, they can catch a variety of different types of fish in a variety of different conditions.

13. Jigsaw Puzzle Advent Calendar

Who doesn’t love a good jigsaw puzzle? The Jigsaw Puzzle Advent Calendar is one giant jigsaw puzzle, unwrapped one day at a time for 24 days. Each day contains 42 pieces, so they’ll be kept occupied all the way until Christmas!


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