6 Spook-tacular Halloween Juice Boxes (Includes Free Printables)

Bling out your kiddo's juice boxes this Halloween by decorating them with spook-tacular covers! Easy to make at home - or perfect for a class Halloween party craft!

Free Printable Halloween Juice Box Covers

All you need is a printer and tape to make these more-adorable-than-spooky Halloween juice box covers!

Just download the free printable at Skip to My Lou (you just use regular copy paper).

Then cut out the covers and use regular tape to adhere the covers to the juice boxes.

Be sure to remove the straw before you cover the juice box!  You can then just tape the straw to the juice box.​

A super-easy way to cover juice boxes for your kid's lunches or a Halloween party!

Free Printable Halloween Juice Box Covers

How to Decorate Halloween Juice Boxes

How to Decorate Halloween Juice Boxes

How cute are these Halloween juice boxes?  They're such a fun little craft to do with your kids at home or at the school Halloween party!

Check out the tutorial here.

Frankenstein Juice Boxes

These fun Frankenstein juice boxes are such a clever way to bling out juice boxes for Halloween!

You use green duct tape to cover the juice box (although I think you could cut green construction paper to fit as well).  

It's a little tricky handling the duct tape so this craft is probably better for older grade school kids.  Alternatively, you could cover the juice boxes yourself and let younger kiddos decorate the boxes.

Frankenstein Juice Boxes

Candy Corn Juice Boxes

How to Make Candy Corn Juice Boxes

These fun candy corn juice boxes are super-easy, adorable, and they serve well for a Halloween party or a fall festival!  

Each juice box requires 3 construction paper strips, so if kiddos are decorating them as a party craft, be sure to cut the strips ahead of time.

To make this even easier, you could skip the google eyes and have the kids draw eyes on with a marker.

How to Make Mummy Juice Boxes

Wrap up your Halloween juice boxes in not-so-scary style with these fun mummified juice boxes!

The gauze wrap is easy to do, but the author recommends using a hot glue gun to secure the gauze and the googly eyes.  If you're doing this with younger kids (or uncoordinated adults like me) who might burn themselves on the hot glue gun, be sure to have an adult supervise closely.

Or you may want to look for an easier way to secure the gauze (perhaps glue dots?)

How to Make Mummy Juice Boxes

Free Pumpkin Face Juice Box Printable

Free Pumpkin Face Juice Box Printable

Halloween juice box decorating doesn't get any easier - or cuter - than these festive FREE printables from Skip to My Lou!

Just print the artwork on orange card stock, cut it in half and glue it to the juice box.  (She recommends covering the juice box with a glue stick).

She even includes the adorable Happy Halloween straw topper for a special touch!

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