Best Beard Halloween Costumes

This Halloween, show off your beard with these best beard Halloween costumes! From famous wizards to wholesome public figures, our list has options for you. Many of these costumes can be part of a couple’s costume or a group costume, so you can show off your beard and be a part of something bigger!


Be prepared to give 11-year-olds the news that they’re a wizard by dressing as Hagrid this Halloween! While you might be able to make this costume on your own, you can also buy sets on Amazon if that’s easier for you. If other members of your group are Harry Potter fans, they can dress up as other famous characters, like Harry, Ron, or Hermione to make a fun group costume.


The Vikings were famous for their beards, so dress up as a Viking this Halloween! This Viking costume is available on Amazon and includes everything you need to be a convincing warrior this Halloween. This costume will show off your beard and be fun to wear!

Chuck from Cast Away

Searching for a creative costume that shows off your beard and you can make at home? Chuck from Cast Away is a great costume! Simply tear up a white tank top, wear some dirty cargo pants and mess up your beard and you’ll look like you’ve been stranded on an island for weeks. If you have a partner they can dress up as Wilson for a creative couple’s costume that will show off your beard!

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Captain Hook

This Peter Pan villain is a great costume for anyone with dark facial hair! You can buy a whole Captain Hook getup on Amazon. It’s also an easy group costume if you have someone to go as Peter Pan, Tinkerbelle, and Wendy.

Dos Equis Man

This easy and unique costume also makes a great couples costume! All you need is a suit and your beard. If your beard isn’t grey yet, you can easily dye it with temporary grey hair dye. Your partner can go a bottle of Dos Equis by dressing in a green dress and attaching a Dos Equis label to it.

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Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Combine two holidays in one with this fun Christmas-themed Halloween costume! Dress like you would as a lumberjack, but add on a red beanie, yellow earmuffs, and the infamous mustache (I recommend using pipe cleaners to create it). Anyone who loves both Christmas and Halloween will love this costume!

Van Gogh

Van Gogh wasn’t just a legendary painter – he also had a great beard! To dress up as Van Gogh, you can either recreate his painting by wearing a blue suit jacket (or cardigan or even an unbuttoned jean shirt) with a white shirt underneath, a straw hat, and carry a frame. To make it look more realistic, lightly paint yourself and your clothes. This is a creative costume that will definitely catch people’s attention!

Sirius Black

Looking for a Harry Potter costume that shows off your beard? Consider being Sirius Black! Harry Potter’s scary godfather has full facial hair. Wear a striped set of pajamas, a dark cardigan, and make an Azkaban Prison sign to create the costume. It’s a creative costume that’s easy!


If you’re a fan of Marvel, then dress up as Thor this Halloween! You can either buy a costume off Amazon or you can make your own with a red sheet and a brown tank top. This is a fun costume that you can make part of a group costume by having other members dress up as other Superheroes!

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Mad Scientist

With nothing more than a lab coat and some messed-up hair, you can transform into a Mad Scientist this Halloween! If you don’t have a lab coat, they’re available on Amazon. To make it even more authentic, add a beaker or two and some goggles.

Garden Gnome

This adorable, family-friendly costume can be done no matter the length or color of your beard! Simply wear a tunic (any color will work), a cone hat, and rosy your cheeks with a bit of makeup and you can be a Garden Gnome this Halloween.


If you’re a redhead or have any Irish heritage, a leprechaun can be a great Halloween costume! If you have a green suit, you’re already set, but you can also buy one on Amazon. This is a funny costume that you can re-use each year on St Patrick’s Day!

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Lumber Jack

This super-simple costume is great for any guy with a beard! All that’s needed is a flannel shirt, suspenders, and an ax! It’s an instantly recognizable costume that barely takes any time at all.

Alan from The Hangover

Looking for a funny costume that utilizes your beard? Alan from The Hangover can be a great costume! It’s relatively simple and needs nothing more than a baby doll, khakis, a t-shirt, and a crossbody bag.

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Bob Ross

Bob Ross makes an excellent wholesome Halloween costume! With nothing more than a blue shirt, blue jeans, and a paint palette, you can be Bob Ross. It’s an easy costume that requires little planning.

Best Beard Halloween Costumes - Van Gogh, Viking, Sirius Black, Alan from the Hangover
15 Unique and Creative Halloween Costumes that Show Off Your Beard
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