Best Large Outdoor Nativity Sets

Are you shopping for the best large outdoor Nativity sets? It can be hard to pick the right one – there are so many options out there!

These decorations are a wonderful way to display your faith and easily brighten your yard. After hours of research, I’ve narrowed the field down to these top 5 picks.

The size is one of my most important factors in choosing the best sets. Each of these nativity scenes should make an impressive statement in your yard – easy to see from the road or sidewalk.

I’ve also tried to find sets that you can add additional figures to. It’s fun to collect new decorations over the years, or you can splurge and treat yourself to a large collection from day one.

Many reviewers suggest shining a white spotlight to accent the decoration; and you may wish to add hay bales or straw for a realistic look. Be sure to check out the reviews for further decorating ideas and pictures.

Due to their size, almost all large Christmas decorations can be a bit problematic in the wind. Read the buyer’s comments on Amazon – there are usually marvelous suggestions as to how to add extra support to help the decorations withstand the wind.

Best Large White Outdoor Nativity Scene



Best Large White Outdoor Nativity Scene

This striking Nativity scene is available in 2 sizes – the larger one standing almost 6 feet tall! But don’t worry; it stores nicely in a box after use each year.



The all white design adds a serene touch to your holiday decorations – stunning, but doesn’t look “commercial”.

Its easy to assemble (you just need a hammer), and is made of heavy duty marine grade plastic to withstand any weather.

The set comes with the figures you see above, but you can also purchase additional ones if you’d like.

Best Large Outdoor Nativity Scene



This brightly colored Nativity set makes a dramatic and inspirational impression in your yard! It measure 6.5 feet wide and almost 6 feet tall (a smaller size is also available).



You need only a hammer to assemble this durable set that’s made of high quality heavy duty plastic that resembles wood.

You can expand this scene over the years by adding additional figures, or save a bit now and order the complete set 12 figurines.

Best Large Outdoor Lighted Nativity Scene



The serene Nativity scene is sure to draw compliments and admiring glances from neighbors and anyone passing by!



The 6-foot-tall shimmery scene is hand-crafted and features 250 lights (extra bulbs are included).

It’s a little challenging to assemble, so be sure to have another person. Some reviewers report that it will need extra support to withstand strong winds, but they offer advice in the comments on the best way to do it.

Best Plastic Large Outdoor Nativity Scene



This colorful blow mold set is a wonderful way to light up your holidays and add character to your yard.



The 28″ characters are easily seen from the street, and cast a wonderful glow.

My favorite feature about this set, however, is that you can expand your collection with 6 additional figures, which will really add a special glow to your house.

Best Metal Large Outdoor Nativity Scene



Vibrant 10 piece set is a fabulous way to show your faith and the reason for the season!



Large 45″ high figures are easily staked into your yard, and can be arranged in any design that you wish.

Since you’ll want to keep this set for years, you may wish to spray the figures with polyurethane to preserve the bright colors.

Large Outdoor Nativity Statues



Bring Old World charm to your outdoor Christmas display with this richly detailed statue featuring Joseph, Mary and Jesus.



Hand-oainted resin statue stands almost 3 feet high and resembles carved wood, but can withstand rain and snow.

Outdoor Inflatable Nativity Scenes



Christmas decorating doesn’t get much easier than using a large inflatable! Just plug the decoration in and the fan will blow it up in just seconds!



The large inflatable Nativity set pictured above is sure to be the highlight of your block’s Christmas decorations!

Be sure you have plenty of space in your yard – this decoration measures 79″L x 40″W x 65″H when inflated.

A fun way to celebrate the reason for the season!

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How to Choose the Best Large Outdoor Nativity Sets

With so many outdoor nativity scenes on the market, how can you choose the best one? Here are a few points to consider when shopping online for an oversized nativity set for your yard:

Construction Materials

Remember, your set needs to withstand wind, rain, and possible snow, so you’ll want a heavy-duty material that stands up to the elements. Wood and heavy-duty plastic (marine-grade is especially nice) are both sturdy enough to last for years, but still light enough to be moved and stored easily.

You’ll also want to look for paint that will withstand sunlight without fading…reading the reviews of the sets will help you choose a set that will brilliant for years to come.

Size of the Set

You’ll want to be sure that your decorations can easily be seen from the road. Look at the specifications carefully to make sure you understand how large the set is.

Ability to Withstand wind

Winter winds can be harsh in some parts of the country. Be sure that your nativity scene is heavy enough that it won’t be blown about in strong winds.

If it’s the type of set that uses stakes, consider getting extra stakes to ensure that the decorations stay in place. Reviewers will frequently give advice on how to keep the set in place during bad weather.

Easy to Assemble

Who wants to spend hours putting together (and breaking down) their nativity scene? Make sure that the one you order isn’t too difficult to put together – and that you have all the tools you will need to assemble it!

Easy to Store

Unless you have a huge area available to store your nativity set in once the holiday is over, make sure that it breaks down and stores in a reasonable size.


A large outdoor nativity set can be quite expensive, so consider your budget when shopping. You can frequently save by getting free shipping, especially if you’re an Amazon prime member.

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