Clever Graduation Cap Ideas

It’s that time of year again – grad season! Whether or not you’re walking this year, enjoy this list of clever and beautiful graduation caps.

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1. This Winnie the Pooh Cap

#2. This Inspiring Graduation Cap

#3. This Beauty and the Beast Inspired Graduation Cap

#4. This Graduation Cap Focused on Beginnings

#5. This Friends Graduation Cap

Who doesn’t love friends? Everybody loves friends.

#6. This Meredith Gray Cap

#7. This Disney Graduation Cap

#8. This Graduation Cap by a Would-Be Hogwarts Grad

Sadly, my letter never came either.

#9. This Emperor’s New Groove One

#10. This Clever Spongebob One

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#11. This Little Mermaid Themed One

#12. This Grad Cap Inspired by Cristina Yang

#13. This Globe Inspired Grad Cap

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#14. This Honest Graduation Cap

Hey, Quizlet saved my butt in college, too!

#15. This Be the Change Grad Cap

16. This Elle Woods Inspired One

#17. This One for Cat Lovers

#18. This One For Not Yet Princesses

19. This Grad Cap that Sums Up How Everyone’s Feeling

#20. This Lion King Graduation Cap

#21. This Michael Scott Themed One

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#22. A Grad Cap that Pays Tribute to Beyonce

#23. An Up Graduation Cap

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#24. This Star Wars Grad Cap

#25. This Grad Cap from Alice in Wonderland

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