College Graduation Cap Ideas

Graduating college is a momentous achievement in any person’s life! When you walk down the stage, you want to have a graduation cap that celebrates your achievements and shows off your personality. Our list of college graduation caps will give you ideas for finding the perfect graduation cap that celebrates your Bachelor’s!

1. Keep Calm and Get Your Lab Coat On

Keep Calm and Put Your Lab Coat On - Graduation Cap Ideas for STEM Majors

Perfect for so many different majors, from biology to chemistry!

2. Psyched To Be Done With This B.S.

Psyched to be done with this BS - Graduation Caps for College

Celebrate your major and your graduation with this clever cap!

3. Grateful Winnie the Pooh Cap

Winnie the Pooh Thoughtful Graduation Cap

What a sweet way to honor the people in your life who helped you get to where you are!

4. Scooby Doo Graduation Cap

Scooby Doo Graduation cap

5. School Logo Graduation Cap

CSU Rams Graduation Cap

If you don’t have anything in particular you want to celebrate, celebrate your school! You can cut out a logo yourself or buy readymade graduation caps for a variety of schools on Zazzle.

6. I Did It For My Cat Cap

I did it for my cat - College Graduation Cap Ideas

And I know your cat is so proud of you!

7. Sims Graduation Cap

Sims Inspired Graduation Cap

8. First Generation Grad Cap

1st Generation Grad Mortarboard

Love the simplicity and the shout-out to Mom and Dad!

9. Teach the Change You Want To See Cap

Teach the Change You Want To See - College Graduation Cap Ideas

Perfect for teachers of all ages!

Want more teacher grad cap inspiration? Check out our list of Graduation Caps for Teachers!

10. Science is like Magic Cap

Science is Like Magic - College Graduation Cap Ideas

Anyone who majored in science can get behind this!

11. Van Gone Starry Night Graduation Cap

Van Gone - Funny College Graduation Cap

Both funny and beautiful!

12. Best Things Come to Those Who Don’t Give Up

The Best Things Come To Those Who Don't Give Up - Inspirational Grad Caps For College Students

This is so, so true!

13. What, Like It’s Hard? Graduation Cap

Legally Blonde Inspired College Graduation Cap

This fun Legally Blonde-Inspired cap can be changed to fit any major!

14. The First In The Tree to Receive a Degree

The creative rhyme makes the cap memorable!

15. One Degree Later

One Degree Later... SpongeBob Inspired Graduation Cap

A fun cap for any graduate who loves Spongebob!

16. The Force Is Strong With This One Grad Cap

The Force Is Strong With This One - College Graduation Cap Ideas

Any Star Wars fan will appreciate this graduation cap!

17. I Am Coming For Everything

It's Time To Find Myself - College Graduation Caps That You Will LOVE!

18. God Ordered My Steps Mortarboard

I Chose My Path But God Ordered My Steps - Graduation Cap Ideas for College Students

19. I Made My Deal And Four Years Are Up

Supernatural Graduation Cap

A fun way to celebrate graduation for any Supernatural fan!

20. All That I Am and Hope To Be… Personal Graduation Cap


The pictures are such a cute way to honor your family and supporters!

21. John Mulaney Quote Graduation Cap

John Mulaney Funny Graduation Cap Idea

Nothing like a funny quote to get you through the pain of those loans!

22. I’m Gonna Go Get One of Those Job Things

I'm Gonna Go Get One of Those Job Things - Friends Inspired Graduation Cap - College Graduation Cap Ideas

If you like Friends and are planning to enter the workforce after college, this could be a great cap for you!

23. Never Grow Up Graduation Cap

Never Grow Up... It's a Trap - Clever Graduation Cap Ideas

I felt the same way when I graduated from college!

24. I Hope This B.S. Pays Off

I Hope This "B.S." Pays Off - Funny and Easy College Graduation Cap

25. I’m Like Really Smart Now

I'm, like, really smart now - Gradupat Caps - Kelly Kapoor Graduation Cap

26. It Always Seems Impossible Graduation Cap

27. Bye Bye Bye Graduation Cap

If you love N*Sync, then this is definitely a creative graduation cap idea for you!

28. Starbucks Graduation Cap Idea

2019 Cups Later... Starbucks Graduation Cap Idea

Coffee is what helped me get through college!

29. You Had the Power All Along

You Had the Power All Along, My Dear - Wizard of Oz Graduation Cap - College Graduation Caps

30. Long Story Short, I Survived

Long Story Short, I Survived - Taylor Swift Graduation Cap

Fun for any fan of Taylor Swift who survived college!


30 College Graduation Caps - Friends, The Office, Legally Blonde and more
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