Creative Military Care Packages That They’ll Love

If you know someone who is deployed or living overseas with the military, you can cheer them up by sending them a care package! These creative ways of packing care packages will make their day just a bit brighter and will give you a theme for your package.

Dos and Don’ts

DON’T send anything that can melt if it’s headed to a hot location! Instead, look for hard candies or non-chocolate items.

DON’T combine hygiene with food items! Soap, shampoo, and hygiene items are likely to spill and contaminate any food items. Instead, package them separately.

DO ask them what they want! They may have access to many American items on base but they may be missing more regional items that are hard to get.

Top items:

Need help deciding what to put in a care package? This list will help you get started!

1. Hulk Smash Deployment

Hulk Smash Deployment - Creative Military Care Package Ideas

This is perfect for anyone who loves superheroes or the Hulk! Pack it full of protein bars and powder to ensure they can build muscle while deployed and become their strongest self!

2. A Distance Means so Little Box

Distance Means so Little - Meaningful Military Care Package - Care Package Ideas for Deployment

What a nice way to show them how much you miss them! Pack it full of their favorite treats, but don’t forget cards and letters from home, too! This is sure to brighten up their day.

3. Nuts About You! Care Package

Nuts About You Care Package - Creative Care Package Ideas

Perfect for a loved one who loves nuts! Keep the theme by packing it full of peanut butter themed items, like Reeses, peanut butter pretzels, peanut butter crackers, and more!

4. You are My Favorite Superhero Care Package

You Are my Favorite Superhero - Creative Military Care Packages

You know anyone who is deployed is a superhero! This fun care package is perfect for any loved one. Pack it with their favorite items to make their mission a little more bearable!

5. Orange You Glad… Punny Box

Creative Care Packages for Deployment

This creative box is easy to put together (simply paint half of it orange and half of it blue). To keep it on theme, fill it with orange and blue items!

6. Lucky You’re Mine Care Package

Lucky You're Mine - Creative Care Packages for Military

This is a great St. Patrick’s Day care package! Fill it with green or gold snacks. Don’t forget the Lucky Charms!

7. Puzzle Piece Themed Care Package

Puzzle Piece Themed Care Package - Creative Care Packages for Military

This fun care package is perfect for a boyfriend or husband who is overseas! You can fill it with their favorite items.

8. Jerky and Nuts Package

Funny jerky and nuts care package - Creative Military Care Packages

This protein-packed care package is perfect for your boyfriend or husband! The funny “I miss your jerky and your nuts” is sure to make him smile and provide him with some yummy snacks!

9. Stud Muffin Care Package

Waiting for My Stud Muffin - Creative Military Care Packages

This is great if you’d like to send your husband or boyfriend sweet treats like muffins or cookies!

10. Star Wars Themed Package

If your loved one loves Star Wars, then they’ll love this Star Wars-themed care package! With puns like “Yoda one we miss” and throwbacks like “In a country far, far away…” it’s easy to make this care package unforgettable!

11. Fiesta in a Box

Fill this Fiesta in a Box care package with spicy items or Mexican sweets for them to enjoy! It’s perfect for Cinco De Mayo, but you can also send it anytime.

12. Whataburger Themed Box

If they love Whataburger, then they’ll love this care package! While the example reads “Whata Husband” you could easily to change it what is relevant for you!

13. Ten Things I Love About You Care Package with Letters

10 Things I miss About You - Military Care Box with Letters

This is a sweet way to show them how much you love and miss them! With the treats or other care package items, include 10 letters that they can read when they’re missing you or are homesick.

14. You’re One in a Minion

This fun care package if great if they’re One in a Minion! Fill it with blue and yellow items to keep it on theme.

15. Finding Nemo Themed Care Package

Remind them to just keep going with this cute Finding Nemo themed care package! Consider packing nautical snacks like goldfish to keep the theme!

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