Dorm Room Storage Hacks

Want to make the best of your dorm room space? These dorm room storage hacks will help you make your dorm room look organized and store all your clothes, food, and everything else you can’t live without!

Even though dorm rooms can seem small at first, with a bit of clever organizing, you’ll find that they are big enough to fit anything and everything you need!

Dorm Room Storage Hack #1: Maximize Closet Space

If you’re used to a nice closet in your childhood bedroom, the tiny closet spaces in dorm rooms can seem stressful!

Use stacking closet hangers to get more space out of your closet. These are a cheap way to hang up more clothes. The cascading design allows you to organize clothes by outfit, style, or color and takes up less space in a closet than traditional hangers.

If you have a closet door, consider a over the door organizer. You can pick between organizers designed to hold shoes or ones with shelves that can hold toiletries or whatever else you need them to. These are a must-have to make use of all available space!

Finally, make the most of any shelf space or even floor space with a set of foldable bags. These are perfect for out-of-season clothes or extra linens. Place them on the top of the closet shelf or on the floor to keep yourself organized. When they’re not in use, they fold up, so they don’t take up any extra space!

Dorm Room Storage Hack #2: Use Kitchen Space Wisely

Your dorm room will serve many purposes, including a kitchen for the days you can’t make it to the dining room. Kitchen space is valuable and having a good organizing space for food and utensils is a necessity!

If your dorm will have a mini fridge, an organizing cart can help make the most of the space! One that fits over your fridge will help you best utilize your space. Consider using a cart like this and putting your microwave on top of your fridge to make the most of your space.

Use these magnetic shelves to store things on the side of your refrigerator! They can store small food items or essentials like salt and pepper. As a bonus, it has an area to keep paper towels so you can stay organized and your dorm will look tidy.

Dorm Room Storage Hack #3: Utilize Under-the-Bed Storage

Lofted beds are a dorm classic and for good reason! Regardless of whether you do a full loft where the bed is tall enough to hold your desk, TV, or even your kitchen area, or a partial loft, you can use the space under your bed to store your belongings.

If you’re only partially lofting your bed, then having storage drawers under the bed can save space! If you can find out the height of your bed before you move in, you can purchase these ahead of time, but if not, Amazon offers quick delivery across the country! These stackable drawers are perfect because you can add as many as will fit. Use the spare ones for desk storage or closet storage. Keep your clothes in here to stay organized and make the most of your space.

Use these smaller under-the-bed storage containers can be added to the top of containers to maximize storage. Rigid plastic ones are perfect for more defined space, while fabric storage containers can fold up while not in use.

Dorm Room Storage Hack #4: Get Clever with Bed Space

All spaces can be used for storage, even the bed (and yes, it can store more than just your stuffed animal). By using bed space as storage, you’ll create a way to organize some of your things and also free up space in the rest of your dorm.

If you have a high lofted bed, a bedside shelf is both practical and creates a bit of storage! You can place your water bottle, phone, and anything else you might need in the middle of the night on the shelf.

A bedside caddy is another way to use your bed to create a bit of storage. They can hang at the foot of the bed, so they won’t interfere with your sleep! Put whatever you need in here for easy access when sleeping or relaxing.

Dorm Room Storage Hack #5: Create More Storage

Just don’t have enough room for everything? Create more storage with removable shelves and hooks!

These removable shelves can add some storage space to your dorm room without damaging the walls! They’re great for small decorations or toiletries or even foodstuffs. With so many uses, they are one part of dorm storage that are often overlooked.

Command hooks have many uses and storage can be one of them! Use them to create more space in your closet and hang coats, bags, or robes from them. They’ll help you stay organized and create some more storage. Place them on your door or on your walls and you’ll have a place to hang whatever you need.

Dorm Room Storage Hack #6: Use Limited Bathroom Space Wisely

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom in your dorm room, these hacks will help you make the most of that small space!

Use the space above your toilet for storage! These over-the-toilet shelves add some storage space for toiletries, towels, or spare toilet paper. You can add storage boxes to hide sensitive items if your dorm bathroom is lacking cabinet space.

If you have to provide your own shower curtain, consider buying one that includes storage pockets! This is a great hack that creates storage in a bathroom but doesn’t take up any extra space. With nine storage pockets, there’s enough for you and your roommates to each have a few pockets to yourself.

If you have a very limited amount of room, slim storage shelves can be perfect for your dorm bathroom! Designed to fit into small spaces but still large enough to store essentials like toilet paper and cleaning supplies, these shelves can help you make the most out of a cramped bathroom.


6 Ingenious Dorm Room Storage Hacks
6 Creative Dorm Room Storage Hacks
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