Easy Healthy Soup Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love

Looking for easy healthy soup recipes to warm up with on these cold winter nights? Check out these 12 quick soup recipes that are light in calories but rich in taste!

Is there anything more comforting and warming that homemade soup? But who has time to spend all day making soup? That’s why I’ve chosen recipes that you can pull together quickly…perfect for a busy weeknight.

Lightened Up Mexican Corn Chowder

Lightened Up Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder - My family loves this healthy Mexican chowder recipe for lunch or dinner!  Perfect for those busy nights when you need a quick recipe that can be put together in under 30 minutes!  #FINDinista.com #easysoup
My family absolutely loves this scrumptious Mexican corn chowder recipe – my kids always request it when they’re home from college.

I use my favorite shortcut – rotisserie chicken from the grocery store – to save time, and I can whip this up in about 30 minutes.

I have 2 tricks to save on calories with this recipe. I cut the butter and olive oil in half.

I also don’t add the cheddar cheese directly to the soup. We just sprinkle a bit on each bowl as it’s served, which cuts down even more on the calories.

Definitely squeeze a bit of lime to the top of your serving…it brightens the flavor just a bit!

Light Chicken Tortellini Soup


Everyone in my family absolutely adores this scrumptious soup that takes just minutes to whip up! It’s perfect for lunch or dinner on a cold winter day.


To speed things up, I use rotisserie chicken from my grocery store’s deli. You can also substitute frozen vegetables if you don’t feel like cutting up the onions, peppers and carrots.

I personally felt that the thyme was a bit overwhelming, so you might want to start with 1/2 teaspoon and then adjust after tasting. We still gobbled the entire pot down, though!

Crock Pot Skinny Baked Potato Soup

Skinny Potato Soup - Looking for a delicious baked potato soup recipe that's lower in fat in calories?  Check out this scrumptious recipe that replaces some of the potatoes with healthy cauliflower!  #FINDinista.com  #healthysoup
Love rich and creamy baked potato soups, but not the calories and fat? Check out this yummy crock pot recipe from Brendid – she replaces some of the potatoes with cauliflower!

She also uses skim milk and only one tablespoon of butter to save 370 calories per serving over traditional baked potato soup. Definitely worth trying!

Vegetarian Italian Vegetable Lentil Soup

Healthy Italian Vegetable Lentil Soup - Looking for a family-friendly soup recipe that can also be vegetarian?  Everyone will love this rich, satisfying healthy lentil soup that's chock full of vegetables.  #FINDinista.com #healthysouprecipes
This hearty lentil soup recipe is perfect for even the pickiest eaters…you can add meat to it if you’d like, but as written it’s vegan (if you don’t add parmesan cheese to the top).

It’s easy to make, filling, nutritious – and a delicious way to sneak vegetables into your family!

Skinny Enchilada Soup

Skinny Enchilada Soup recipe is quick to make with loads of flavor...but not so many calories!  #FINDinista.com #healthysoup
Everyone in my house loves Mexican food, so it’s probably not a surprise that I’m adding another Mexican soup to this easy soup recipe lineup.

This simple, easy-to-make soup from Domestic Super Hero (what a great name!) is full of flavor, yet low in calories. A win in my book!

You can make this versatile soup on the stove or in the crock pot, with meat or without…feel free to experiment.

Easy Healthy Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Healthy Butternut Squash Soup recipe - Treat your family to this delicious - and easy - recipe that's sure to become a favorite!  Easy recipe starts with frozen butternut squash, so it takes just a few minutes to pull together.   Perfect for a busy weeknight dinner!  #FINDinista.com #healthyrecipes
Love butternut squash soup? I actually had never had it until recently, when my book club hostess served it. Sweet and savory at the same time…a unique taste that I loved!

This super-easy recipe starts with frozen butternut squash, which means you skip having to work with chopping it up yourself. (Am I the only woman who’s too intimidated to try dealing with a whole butternut squash?)

You can also use the pre-cut squash from your grocery store. Or if you’re brave, cut up your own squash.

At any rate, try serving it with grilled cheese sandwichesuse a bougie cheese like Havarti to upgrade your meal if you’d like (yes, that idea is also from my book club hostess).

White Chicken Chili Recipe

Healthy white chicken chili recipe is the perfect easy dinner for those cold winter nights!  This quick recipe can be made in the crockpot, the Instant Pot or on the stove.  #FINDinista.com #healthyrecipes
Looking for a fast but delicious recipe that will warm you up on a cold winter night? Then you need this healthy white chicken chili recipe!

You can make this delicious recipe on the stove, or in your crockpot or Instant Pot. If you’re serving small kids, you might want to reduce the peppers a bit, as it is spicy…but oh so good!

Instant Pot Ham and White Bean Soup

Instant Pot Ham and White Bean Soup -  Warm up on a cold winter day with this easy white bean soup.  Delicious, nutritious and economical, this healthy soup comes together quickly, freezes well, and tastes even better the next day! #FINDinista.com #easysouprecipes
Warm up on a cold winter day with this easy white bean soup recipe. Delicious, nutritious and economical, this healthy soup comes together quickly, freezes well, and tastes even better the next day!

Looking for a vegan option? Just omit the ham bone.

Lightened Up French Onion Soup

Skinny French Onion Soup recipe - Rich and decadent French onion soup recipe that's light and healthy (under 300 calories)!  #FINDinista.com #souprecipes
Ok, this recipe takes just a bit longer to prepare (around an hour and a half), but come on…low-calorie but decadent and rich French onion soup? Totally worth the extra time!

And most of the time is spent carmelizing the onions, which means you’re not hovering over the stove non-stop. Just pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the aroma!

Vegetarian? Not to worry…you can use vegetable broth as the base.

Healthy Instant Pot Broccoli Cheese Soup

Healthy Broccoli Cheese Instant Pot Soup - No Velveeta in this quick and easy Instant Pot broccoli soup!   Perfect weeknight dinner that comes together quickly!   #FINDinista.com  #easysouprecipes
You won’t find Velveeta in this healthy broccoli cheese soup recipe…and you definitely won’t miss it.

This fabulous recipe from Well Plated features cauliflower as a hidden ingredient (shh…no one will ever notice)!

Comes together in just 30 minutes in your Instant Pot – a great choice for a busy weeknight meal!

Hearty Vegetable Soup Recipe – Whole 30Approved

Healthy vegetable soup recipe is the perfect quick recipe for a busy weeknight dinner!  Whole30 approved healthy soup recipe can be made with beef or turkey, or you can go vegetarian with it.  #FINDinista.com #healthyrecipes
Healthy and delicious, this hearty vegetable soup recipe from I Heart Naptime is a fabulous choice for a snowy day.

It only takes about 15 minutes to prep, but you can reduce that by using frozen vegetables (or pre-chopped ones from the produce department).

Flexible recipe uses ground beef or turkey (although I think it would also be wonderful with leftover steak or roast), or you can forego meat all together for a vegetarian option.

Healthy Quinoa Vegetable Soup


This scrumptious quinoa vegetable soup recipe is such an easy way to use up all of the veggies you have in your fridge or freezer.


It’s low calorie, high fiber, and comforting…perfect for weekend meal prep! It calls for fire-roasted tomatoes so it has a bit of a kick, but you can always add jalapeno or other peppers if you want to notch up the heat a bit.

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Easy Healthy Soup Recipes - Looking for delicious soup recipes that are healthy and quick to prepare?  Check out these 12 nutritious soup recipes that your whole family will love (even the kids)!  They're perfect for a weeknight dinner, no matter how busy your evenings are!  #FINDinista.com #healthyrecipes
Easy Healthy Soup Recipes - Looking for quick soup recipes that are healthy and fast enough for a busy weeknight?  Click to see 12 kid-friendly soup recipes that everyone in the family will love! #FINDinista.com #souprecipes #healthyrecipes
Healthy Soup Recipes - Looking for kid-friendly healthy soup recipes?  Check out these quick and easy soup recipes that the whole family will love!  #FINDinista.com #healthysoup #healthyrecipes
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