Easy Homemade Mother’s Day Cards from the Kids

Butterfly Handprint Mother’s Day Card

What a cute handprint card (handprints are always wonderful ideas for Mother’s Day when the kids are small)! This also features a sweet little poem that you might like to use.

I Love You to Pieces Mothers Day Card

This sweet card is easy enough for even the youngest toddler to do – and the kids will have a blast tearing the construction paper into pieces!

5 Reasons I Love You Handprint Mothers Day Card

Another cute card that will preserve those cute handprints!

For this card, the child thinks of 5 reasons they love Mom (or Grandma). If the kiddo is old enough, he or she can write the reasons by each fingerprint. Otherwise, a friendly adult (that’s you!) can do it for them.

Mom or Grandma will treasure the handprint – and they’ll love to read their 5 reasons.

See details at How Wee Learn.

I Love You This Much Handprint Card

This precious card requires help from an adult, but it’s just so darn cute….and Mom will want to preserve her kid’s handprints for years to come.

Celery Flower Bouquet Card

Who knew that you could paint a beautiful bouquet of flowers using celery? A fun project for the kids – an adorable card for Mom!

Q-tip Dandelion Homemade Mothers Day Card

Dandelions are magical flowers to a child…beautiful yellow blossoms that make a lovely bouquet…and how many flowers can you make a wish upon? This sweet card is easy to make with q-tips, paint and construction paper.

Cupcake Liner Flower Cards

These darling flowers are made out of cupcake liners! This is designed as a Valentine’s Day craft, but I think it would be perfect for Mother’s Day as well.

Mother’s Day Poem Handprint Card

This card features a cute little poem that Mom will adore!

She used decorative cardstock for the paper (which you can find at Michael’s or your local craft store), but you could use construction paper if you’d prefer.

Mothers Day Cupcake Photo Flowers

Don’t you just love the way to kids’ photos form the center of the flowers? There are so many different ways you could use this in a Mother’s Day card! Cute, easy, and Mom will love it!

Thanks for Raisin Me Mothers Day Card

So cheesy that’s it cute, this fun Mother’s Day card is sure to bring a big smile to Momma’s face!

They attached a full box of raisins to the card, which makes it too heavy to stand up. It might be better to just cut the front part of the box off and use that.

Cactus Handprint Mothers Day Card

Mom is sure to love this cute cactus handprint Mother’s Day card! Younger kids might need a bit of help cutting the flowers out, but kids over 7 can probably do this one on their own.

Mother’s Day Fingerprint Card

This cute little card features the kid’s fingerprints (or you can use cotton swabs if the child doesn’t want to get his or her hands dirty). I think this would look even better with a picture of the child inside the heart

DTLK Holidays features several templates that you can use to create your own Mother’s Day cards.

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