Fun Father’s Day Crafts

With Father’s Day coming up, it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas. What dad doesn’t love a nice craft to hang in his office? Homemade gifts can be the best gifts, especially when they’re made with love! Here are some ideas for unique, fun Father’s day crafts to love that Dad is sure to love!

Father’s Day Baseball Handprint

Is Dad a baseball lover? Or maybe junior loves little league? Then this is the craft for you!

This super cute handprint baseball father’s day craft combines both a love of baseball and your child’s handprint to create a unique keepsake that Dad is sure to treasure for a long time.

Fatherhood: You Nailed It Card

If Dad’s a handyman, or else a lover of puns, then they’ll love this clever piece of art. Fatherhood: You Nailed It card uses your child’s footprint to create a hammer.

If you are short on time, this is a great craft that doesn’t take very long but is still cute and meaningful.

Painter’s Tape Craft

This is a great craft because it’s easily customizable and fun! Using nothing more than painter’s tape, paint, and a little help from you, your little one can make a Painter’s Tape Picture with a special message for Father’s Day. This is great for younger kids, but all kids will enjoy it!

Father’s Day Footprint Trophy

If your little one is young enough, this such a cute idea! With a little help from you, your kids can make a wonderful Father’s Day Best Dad Trophy Footprint picture to give to their dad for the big day.

Plus, in a few years, Dad will be able to look back and remember just how small your little one’s feet were! Precious!

Monster Hug Craft

This unique idea is perfect for any kid who love monsters! Monster Hugs for Father’s Day shows Dad they love him! If your kid is good with scissors, they could probably do this with minimal help.

It’s easy to customize, too, all you have to is use different color papers and markers. All dads will love this clever card!

Best Dad Ribbon

This is a great craft for older kids to do independently, or younger kids with a bit of help from you. It’s also easy to make your own, just pick different colors of paper and markers.

The Best Dad Award Ribbon is a fun way to show Dad how much your kids appreciate him – after all, isn’t your dad the best?

Hooked on Daddy Craft

Who doesn’t love a creative handprint craft? This Hooked on Daddy craft is great if Dad is a fisher.

Open up the handprint for a special surprise – a father’s day message!

Star Wars Inspired Footprints

If Dad loves Star Wars, then this is an ideal craft. Star Wars Inspired Footprints combines a love of Star Wars with Father’s Day.

There are lots of designs for different characters, all using your child’s footprint! Pick Dad’s favorite character, and then use this guide to make an unforgettable Father’s Day gift.

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