Grad Party Photo Booth Ideas

Need to find fun and creative grad party photo booth ideas? A photo booth is a fabulous way to entertain guests and get fabulous graduation party pictures.

Check out these easy photo booth props and ideas for your graduation party!

Easy Grad Party Photo Booth Ideas - Find super-simple ways to DIY your own graduation party photo booth. Your guests will have a ball with these grad party photo props and selfie station ideas. Click for details!

DIY Grad Party Photo Booth Ideas

You don’t need to shell out a fortune to rent a photo booth…it’s easy and affordable to make your own photo booth.

Grad Party Selfie Station Ideas

All the guests have their own cell phones, and you know that the high schoolers love nothing more than taking selfies!

The simplest solution is to create a selfie station.  All you really need is a backdrop and a few props.

Your guests can then take pictures on their cell phones and then upload them to Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook.

Grad Party ideas - Make it easy to find all the pictures from your graduation party by sharing a custom hashtag with the party goers.

Choose a hashtag for your party and then put a sign on the photo props table that asks your guests to use the same hashtag. It makes it super easy to find all the pics on social media!

Take it up a notch by providing a selfie stick (usually under $15 at Amazon).

Or download the Pocketbooth app to your iPhone or iPad to take a series of shots that look like a real photo booth that you can then print or post to social media.

Graduation Party Photo Booth tips - Use an instant film camera like this one for your photo booth. The guests will love seeing their pictures develop right in front of them! Click for details.

If you really want to impress your guests, use an instant film camera like this Fuji Instamax for your photo booth. Your guests will love seeing the pics develop right in front of them!

Leave a scrapbook or string a line with mini clothespins for your guests to hang their pictures on.

Grad Party Photo Backdrops

Your backdrop doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. You can use double-sided tape or command strips to attach the backdrop to a wall.

Shindigz offers a great selection of free-standing cardboard backdrops (although you might want to weight the bottom down if it’s windy outside).

Grad Party Photo Booth Ideas - Your guests will have a ball taking their pictures in front of this personalized grad party photo booth background!

If you want to splurge a bit, check out the fabulous personalized grad party photo booth backdrops at Shindigz, such as the one pictured above.

Looking for grad party photo booth ideas? Create an easy and inexpensive photo booth background with metallic tin foil fringe. Click for details.

Their oversized props are large enough for several people to stand in front of, and they come complete with stand.

A super-inexpensive but fun photo booth background is to use tinsel foil backgrounds, such as the one pictured above. Amazon has them for (currently) under $10 each in a variety of colors. You probably want to order 2 or 3 for a large enough background.

You can either use the foil backgrounds by themselves, or add balloons or a fun banner, such as the I’M DONE banner pictured above from Amazon.

Printable Grad Party Photo Booth Backgrounds

The backdrops shown above are pre-printed and shipped to you ready to assemble. If you don’t mind doing a little extra work, you can order grad party background digital files from Etsy.

2019 Grad Party Backdrops - Impress your guests with a personalized oversized backdrop at your son's or daughter's graduation party! Perfect for the grad party photo booth, memory board, or as a backdrop to your dessert or food table. #FINDinista #gradparty

Etsy offers over 300 grad party photo booth backdrop digital files – and you can personalize many of them with your name, school, or other details.

These affordable backdrops start at around $15. After downloading the file to your computer, you will then send it to your local print shop that offers large format printing (Walgreens, Costco, Office Depot, etc).

How to Hang Your Photo Booth Backdrop

Hanging your photo booth backdrop doesn’t have to be complicated.  For an indoor party, you can usually use double-sided tape to hang a lightweight backdrop made of tin foil fringe or paper.

Personalized graduation photo booth backdrop - if you're using a cloth backdrop for your grad party photo book, use clothespins to hang the background from twine. Click for details and more grad party photo booth ideas.

If you have a cloth background like the one pictured above from Zazzle, you can use Command hooks to hang twine from the wall.  Then use clothespins to hang the cloth backdrop from the twine.

Command mini clips are also a super-easy way to attach any sort of background to a wall.  I love using Command products since the adhesive always comes off the wall without leaving any marks.

Outdoor Grad Party Photo Booth Ideas

Love this super-easy way to hang a backdrop for an outdoor grad party photo booth!

If you’re having an outdoor party, you might not have a wall suitable to hang a photo backdrop. No problem…here are some super-simple creative ways to create an outdoor photo booth!

Hang your backdrop between two trees for an easy outdoor photo booth. This works best with a cloth backdrop (you can use an old sheet or blanket).

Use a fun graduation banner for a special touch….Amazon has a great selection of inexpensive banners.

Gorgeous photo booth backdrop for an outdoor party! Click for details.

If you don’t have trees close enough together, you can use a backdrop stand to hang your backdrop (borrow one from a friend, or purchase an inexpensive one on Amazon).

If you’d like to build your own background stand out of PVC pipes, check out this detailed tutorial.

Looking for an easy but fun grad party photo booth idea? Hang an old picture frame from a tree! Click for details.

How cute (and easy) is this photo booth idea? Simple hang an old frame from a tree. I love how they’ve decorated this one with a small banner.

Don’t have a large frame lying around?  Check out these inexpensive cardboard frame props from Shindigz.

Funny Grad Party Photo Booth Props

Funny Grad Party Photo Booth Props - Entertain your guests and get fabulous grad party pics with these hilarious graduation themed photo props.

What’s a party without funny photo props? Your guests will have a ball – and you’ll get loads of fabulous photos of your grad party!

I love these funny photo booth props from Big Dot of Happiness on Amazon.   They have  over 100 grad party photo prop packages to choose from. Save money by taking advantage of free prime shipping!

You can even choose personalized photo props for a special touch.  You can also order matching party supplies – such an easy way to get everything you need for your grad party quickly!

Most photo props come unassembled – be sure to assemble them with glue or tape before the party.
Grad Party photo props - If you're planning a grad party, check out these affordable funny photo props...50 different graduation party photo props in one for details.

Amazon also has a great selection of photo props, like the 50 piece prop set pictured above.   If you’re a prime member, save money by taking advantage of free shipping!

Photo props also make fabulous table decorations…just stick them in a mason jar or flower arrangement to add a pop of color!

Rent a Professional Photo Booth

Renting a professional photo booth is the easiest idea, but also the priciest. Save money by checking Groupon and Living Social for discounts.

A photo booth rental usually includes an attendant to set up and run the booth, photo strips, backgrounds, and props. They will probably include digital downloads and online photo hosting.

How to make an easy DIY grad party photo booth - A photo booth is a fabulous addition to any graduation party. No need to spend a fortune to rent a to find out how to make an easy homemade photo booth.
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