Graduation Caps for Nurses

Are you graduating with your BSN this year? Need a sweet graduation cap idea? Our list of thirty different graduation caps for nurses features all different specialties and interests!

After you find your inspiration, check out our guide on How to Decorate Your Graduation Cap. If you want a graduation cap that’s more general, then we have lots of unique ideas on our Clever Graduation Cap Ideas list!

1. Busted Mine To Save Yours

Grad Cap that has a blue background and reads "Busted Mine to Save Yours" - Graduation caps for nurses

And I’m so thankful you did!

2. The ABCDs of Nursing

Grad cap with black background that has A B C D in glitter and reads Airway. Breathing. Circulation. Degree? - 30 Graduation caps for nurses

3. Grey’s Anatomy Inspired

Black grad cap that says "it's a beautiful day to save lives" in white cursive font

4. Don’t Worry, I Practiced This

Black grad cap with gemstone border that reads "Don't worry I practiced this on a dummy once" grad caps for nurses

Not reassuring, but it is funny!

5. Cute Enough to Stop Your Heart

Black grad cap with a pink life line that says "cute enough to stop your heart, skilled enough to restart it" grad caps for nurses

Starting and stopping a heart is certainly a skill!

6. Inspirational and Personalized

She Believed She Could So She Did - Personalized RN Graduation Cap

7. I Call The Shots Now

I Call The Shots Now - Nursing Graduation Cap

8. The Force is StRoNg

The force is stRoNg with this one - Star Wars Nursing Graduation Cap

Perfect for any Star Wars-loving nurse!

9. My Turn to Take Care of You

My Turn To Take Care of You Mom and Dad - Nursing Graduation Cap Ideas

Such a nice way to show your parents how much you appreciate them!

10. At Your Cervix

L&D Nurse At Your Cervix - Grad Caps for Nursing Majors

11. Ready to Save Tiny Humans

PICU RN Ready To Save Tiny Humans - Cute Grad Caps for

Works for PICU, NICU or pediatric nurses!

12. Being Worst Makes You First

Black grad cap with red hand print that reads "Emergency Nurse Being Worst Makes You First" - Grad Caps for Nurses

In this case, I hope I’m always last!

13. Just Keep Scrubbing

Just Keep Scrubbing... Just Keep Scrubbing - Finding Nemo Nursing Graduation Cap

14. It Took An Extra Push

Blue grad cap that reads "It took and extra push BSN thanks Mom L+D nurse" - 30 Graduation Cap Ideas for Nurses

15. I’ll Be There For You

NURSE I'll be There For You - BSN Grad Cap

Fun for any Friends fan!

16. Peek-a-Boo

Peek a Boo I.C.U - ICU Nurse Grad Cap

17. Baby Deliverer

Baby deliverer - Nursing Major Grad Caps

18. She Works Willingly With Her Hands

She works willingly with her hands - Grad Cap for Nurses

19. There’s a New Stork in Town

There's a new stork in town - L&D RN mortarboard

20. Serve Him by Serving His People

Serve Him by Serving His People - Graduation Caps for Nurses

21. Shimmery Stethoscope

Stethoscope Graduation Cap

22. We Scare Because We Care

We Scare Because We Care - Graduation Caps for Nurses

Just like the monsters!

23. You RN in Good Hands

You RN Good Hands - Grad Cap Ideas for Nurses

24. Giving Hope

Giving Hope On The Worst Days - Trauma Nurse Graduation Cap

25. I Am Nurse

I Am Nurse - Grad Caps for Marvel Fans and Nursing Majors

Show your love for Marvel and nursing!

26. Caffeine and Kindness

Caffeine & Kindness - Nursing Graduation Cap

Guiding principles for so many professions, but especially nurses.

27. I Am Your Personal Healthcare Companion

Hello I am Your Personal Healthcare Companion - BSN Graduation Cap

28. Mischief Managed… and Bandaged!

Mischief Managed and Bandaged - Grad Caps for Nurses

29. Floral and Simple

Floral Nurse Graduation Cap

30. Trauma Queen

Trauma Queen - Nursing Grad Caps Ideas

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