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Graduation Gifts for Guys

Whether you’re searching for a graduation gift for your boyfriend, your brother, your son or your grandson (or some other guy entirely), we have an idea for you! Regardless of whether they’re graduating from college or high school, there’s something that they’ll love here. These unique and creative graduation gifts for guys are sure to be a hit!

Useful Gifts For All Guys


 Sometimes life is loud. That’s why noise-cancelling headphones make for such a great gift! Whether he uses them while studying, working out, taking the bus, or for any other reason, this is a thoughtful gift that he can appreciate and use daily.


Tile is a useful gift for any grad, what a great present idea!

Sometimes people forget things or lose things or misplace them. It happens to all of us. That’s why a Tile Finder makes for a great, useful gift. They can use it as a wallet finder, a phone finder, a key finder or all of the above.

A roku is a useful and practical graduation gift that he'll love

All guys need their downtime. If he likes to spend it watching tv or movies, consider gifting him a Roku or a Roku Express for his graduation present. He can use it to connect to the internet and watch Netflix, YouTube and more!

Funny Gifts

A Funny Book

Why You're Gonna Do Great a supportive, inspiring and fun graduation gift for your favorite dude

You know your guy is going to do great in whatever he’s doing next. Prove it to him by giving him this Why You’re Gonna Do Great book. It’s a fill-in-the-blank book with 112 pages that you can make as personal as you want; make it funny, sweet, or a mixture of the two!

Mini Bean Bag Game

Funny and unique grad gift: mini desk bean bag game

Guys just wanna have fun, even when doing homework or working. If that sounds like your man, then get him a Mini Bean Bag game for graduation! Besides just being a cool desk accessory, it’s also loads of fun.

A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Graduation gift for guys: zombie apocalypse survival kit

This funny gift is a great idea for your brother, boyfriend, or any guy with a sense of humor! If he wants to be prepared for anything (and we mean anything), then there’s no better gift than this Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit. It includes a compass, first aid supplies, candles, and more!

Useful Personalized Gifts

Personalized Cuff Links

Personalized Gunmetal Round Cufflinks great gift for graduating senior

 Add his initials to these Personalized Cuff Links for a great graduation gift! They make a great gift for any guy who will need to get dressed up every once in a while.

A Personalized Wallet and Money Clip

Personalized Money Holder and Wallet - Great Graduation Gift for Boyfriend!

Help him keep his money safe with a stylish Personalized Money Clip. It’s a great way to keep money and credit cards safe, and you can personalize it with his full name!

Personalized Army Knife

Every man needs a good army knife, so why not get him a Personalized 13 Function Army Knife for graduation? Besides having a variety, you can add his initials for a customized touch.

Personalized Writing Pad

Personalized Borello Cedar Black Leather Writing Pad touching gift idea for grads

If you’re searching for useful gifts, then a Personalized Writing Pad is for you!  It’s perfect to take with for interviews or any other official events he might attend.

Gifts for Guys Starting Their First “Real” Job

A Shoe Shine Kit

If his new job requires suits and ties every day, then help make sure his shoes look the part too by giving him a Shoe Shining Kit

Thug Kitchen Cookbook

 At some point, ramen noodles and instant mac-n-cheese are no longer considered acceptable to eat daily. That’s why the Thug Kitchen cookbook is a great gift! It’s full of recipes that are easy enough for anyone to cook.

Gifts for Sons

A Strength of My Son Watch

Strength of my son watch, a wonderful graduation gift for sons from parents

This beautiful, engraved Strength of my Son Watch is personalized with his initials. It’s a thoughtful gift he’ll be able to appreciate and wear for a long time coming.

“Beloved Son” Diamond Pendant

Beloved Son Pendant Necklace, a great gift for sons who are graduating this year!

This beautiful, thoughtful gift is great for any mother to give her son. You can personalize this Beloved Son Pendant Necklace with three initials. On the back, an inscription reads “To the man you’ve become and the son you’ll always be I love you.” It’s a wonderful gift!

Gift for College Bound Guys

A Small Tool Kit

 A Small Tool Kit is not a popular item on college packing lists, but inevitably, someone will need a screwdriver or a hammer for something while moving in. If you want to be the most popular guy on the floor, bring one and lend a hand when needed!

A Duffel Bag

 If your guy will be coming home often, or if he’ll be using the on-campus gym, then a duffel bag is a great, practical gift! There’s always a variety of colors and styles to pick from, so you can choose one he’ll love.

The Naked Roommate by Harlan Cohen

 Practical and insightful, The Naked Roommate is great for any guy who’s starting his freshman year! It’s filled with tips and hacks that will make the transition from high school to college smoother.

Gifts for Geeky Guys

A Han Solo Jacket

If your guy is into Star Wars, get him this Han Solo Jacket! It’s the perfect gift for any geeky dude, as it’s both practical and fun.

Millennium Falcon Model

Millennium Falcon Scale Model A good gift for geeky guys who love Star Wars!

If your dude loves Star Wars, then this Millennium Falcon Model is the perfect desk gift for him! It comes disassembled so he can have fun putting it together and, when finished, it’s a perfect scale model.

Laboratory Shot Glasses

There’s no cooler way than to take shots out of these Laboratory Shot Glasses. Represent the STEM field by drinking!

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