Halloween Costumes for Two Guys

Searching for a Halloween costume for two guys? Look no further! Our list has a variety of costumes, from funny ideas to classic best friend duos. Whether you’re looking for an easy costume that you can slip on over regular clothes or a more involved costume, we have ideas. This list will help make Halloween great for any two guys!

Spongebob and Patrick

Looking for an extra comfortable costume this Halloween? These Spongebob and Patrick onesies double as excellent Halloween costumes and comfy onesies! This iconic duo makes for a great Halloween costume for two guys.

Han Solo and Chewbacca

This iconic duo is the perfect costume for any guys who are fans of Star Wars! This Han Solo costume is available to buy on Amazon, as is the Chewbacca costume. These costumes don’t require special makeup or anything fancy, so they’re great for people in a rush.

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

These two Spongebob characters are great costumes for two guys! One can go as Mermaid Man by creating a shell bra (you can use purple construction paper) and wearing green pants and an orange shirt. The other can go as Barnacle Boy by creating a mask, wearing a white sailor’s hat, and wearing a red shirt. This is a relatively simple costume that will be instantly recognizable to nearly everyone!

Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi are the most famous video game characters ever, so they make great costumes for two guys! You can either buy a Mario costume and a Luigi costume or you can make your own costumes. Simply wear overalls, either a green or red shirt, and re-create the hats with L and M on them (to make it easy, just use a red or green ballcap and print off the appropriate letter). This iconic costume is fun and easy!

Mike and Sully From Monsters Inc

Unleash your inner scary monster with these fun Monsters Inc costumes! Both the Mike and Sully costumes are onesies, so they’re comfortable and easy to put on. However, you can DIY both of them, if that’s more your style. With how fun these costumes are, they’re are sure to be a hit!

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Ketchup and Mustard

Everyone’s favorite condiments are also super easy Halloween costumes that are great for two guys! This set of Ketchup and Mustard costumes includes both costumes in one pack, so you only have to make one purchase. This classic costume is fun and easy!

Batman and Robin

Want to go as Super Heroes this Halloween? Batman and Robin are great Halloween costumes for two guys! Both costumes come complete with everything you need to transform into Batman or Robin. You’ll be ready to fight some crime in no time!

Woody and Buzz From Toy Story

This Halloween, you and your best friend can dress up as these two best friends from the Toy Story series. Woody’s cowboy getup is available on Amazon, as is Buzz’s space suit, so this costume comes together easily.

If you like Toy Story but aren’t sure about going as Woody and Buzz, you could also go as Ham and Rex or any of Andy’s other friends.

Timon and Pumbaa

Timon and Pumbaa are two fun-loving best friends and they also make great Halloween costumes! Both the Timon costume and the Pumbaa costume are simple onesies, so they’re both comfortable and easy to put on. These are fun costumes that are great for any two friends!

Ash and Picachu

Ash and Picachu make great Halloween costumes! These costumes are both available on Amazon, but these would be relatively easy to DIY, too, if that’s more your style. These costumes are great for any Pokemon fans!

Shaggy and Scooby Doo

Shaggy and Scooby Doo are two easy and classic costumes that are great for two guys! One can go as Shaggy, a simple costume that requires nothing more than a t-shirt and khakis while the other goes as Scooby Doo, which is a cozy onesie. These are fun costumes that everyone will recognize!

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Switch Controller Costumes

If you and your friend love gaming, then these Switch Controller Costumes might be the perfect Halloween costume for you! There’s a left and right controller included. Each costume just slips on over clothes, so it’s a simple costume that doesn’t require any fancy makeup or additional clothing. This is a great costume for any two friends!

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Two-Person Camel Costume

Searching for a hysterical two-person costume this Halloween? Consider going investing in a Two-Person Camel Costume! It’s great for two guys, as one person is the head and the other person is the hump. It’s sure to get a laugh at any Halloween event you attend.

Big Bird and Elmo

Big Bird and Elmo are two great friends on Sesame Street – so you and your friend should dress up as them this Halloween! The Big Bird costume includes the headpiece and the shirt, while the Elmo costume includes the jumpsuit, gloves, and mascot head. These are easy costumes that are recognizable and fun!

Ben Franklin and George Washington

Go as two of America’s founding fathers this year for Halloween! This Benjamin Franklin costume comes with his outfit, while the George Washington costume includes the blue jacket and the rest of his outfit. This is a funny costume that’s patriotic and sure to get a laugh!

Daft Punk

This musical duo can be a fun Halloween costume for two guys! You can buy the infamous helmets on Amazon (the silver one is available here, while the gold one is available here). For the rest of the costume, I recommend getting a black suit (a shiny one is great if you’re looking for authenticity). This is a fun costume perfect for any music lover!

16 Halloween Costume Ideas for Two Guys
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