How to Make a Christmas Ornament Wreath in 30 Minutes

Have you been admiring all those bright shiny wreaths made out of Christmas ornaments? They’re all over Pinterest and every store you go to – so gorgeous! And here’s the best part…they are incredibly easy to make.

It takes less than hour, and you can recycle ornaments you already have at home. Or you can buy cheap ornaments at your local dollar store, Walmart or craft store.

Check out this quick tutorial on how to make a Christmas ornament wreath in 30 minutes.

Supplies Needed:

Hot Glue Gun

Wired Ribbon

Approximately 75 Ornaments (you can use ones you already have, or buy at your local dollar store)

Wire hanger


Step by Step Instructions:

1. Hot glue the tops of all the ornaments on so that the ornaments don’t fall off the tree (this isn’t shown in the video). This takes the most time!

2. Form the hanger into a circle shape while leaving the ends connected.

3. Once you have a nice circle shape, untwist the ends.

4. Thread the ornaments onto the wire hanger until the hanger is completely full. This goes really quickly if you have 2 people.

5. Twist the wire hanger ends back together again.

6. Tie a bow with the ribbon and attach it to hide the hanger hook.

This is such an easy project, and fun to do with kids. It’s perfect for the non-crafter, because it turns out beautifully!

Seriously, the hardest part is hot-glueing the ornament tops on. Once you’ve got that done, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the wreath comes together.

Then you can just sit back and enjoy your gorgeous home-made creation all season long!

How to Make a Christmas Ornament Wreath – Version 2

Here’s another super-easy way to DIY an ornament wreath – without a hot glue gun. Yay! No more burn fingers (I’ve never in my life managed to use a hot glue gun without burning myself).

Jen over at The Striped House uses hairpins (not bobby pins) to attach the ornaments to the wreath. Brilliant!

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