How to Make Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s almost the holiday season, which means that ugly Christmas sweater season is upon us!

But have you seen the prices of these things online? I know one popular store that sells them for $65!

Trust me, your Mama didn’t raise you to pay lots of money for ugly…especially when it’s so easy (and so much cheaper) to just do it yourself.

Save your money and check out this tutorial on how to make your own ugly Christmas sweater.


Supplies Needed:

Inexpensive Sweatshirt or Sweater

Flat Star Ornament for Tree Topper

Small, lightweight ornaments
Hot Glue Gun

Step by Step Instructions:

Lay your sweater or sweatshirt out flat on a hard surface.

Form the garland into the shape of a Christmas tree, then cut off the excess. Be sure to leave room at the top for the star!

Once you’re happy with the garland shape, hot glue the garland to the shirt. Press down on the garland to make sure that it sticks to the shirt.

Take your time with glueing and make sure that all the garland is sticking to the shirt. You don’t want saggy garland!

Hot glue the star to the top of the trees.

Place the ornaments wherever you like. When you’re happy with the design, hot glue the ornaments to the shirt.

This is a really easy project that takes around 30 minutes to make. You probably have many of the supplies on hand…if not, you can pick up most of them at Amazon or your local dollar store.

When you’re done, you’ll have a unique, gloriously tacky shirt for under $20…which leaves you plenty of money to spend on gifts!

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