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New Baby Gift Baskets

Know someone who will be welcoming a new baby in the near future? Consider giving them a new baby gift basket! These are perfect as a group gift from a group of coworkers, or friends or as a bigger gift. These creative new baby gift baskets can be customized to the tastes of the parents or the gender of the baby.

Bath Tub Gift Basket

Make bath time a breeze with this fun yet practical gift basket! Packed with everything they need for a baby’s bath time (and some other goods they’ll need), this gift basket will make life easier for new parents! To make it, simply start with a baby bathtub, fill it with goods, and then wrap it with shrink wrap.

Ideas for the basket:

Daddy Diaper Duty Toolbox

All new parents deserve a nice gift basket before the birth of their child! This Daddy Diaper Duty toolbox has a mix of items for dads and babies. Start with a bin of your choosing and then place letter stickers that read “Diaper Duty Toolbox” on it.

Items to include:

Welcome Wagon

This adorable Welcome Wagon new baby basket is packed full of practical items they’ll need. The base of the “basket” is a wagon that they’ll be able to use in the future as their little one grows up. Place a rack to hang clothes on (you can buy one on Amazon or make one out of pipes) in the back of the wagon. Then fill the front of the wagon with the other goodies.

Some ideas for the basket:

Baby’s Initial Baby Basket

If you know the baby’s name, then this can be a great gift to the new parents! Simply get a large letter for the baby’s initial and then paint it a color of your choice, or stick with the traditional blue for boys and pink for girls. Keep it on theme by adding items in the color you picked for the letter or feel free to mix it up! Either way, they’ll love this creative and fun basket!

Pink item ideas:

Blue item ideas:

Baby Vehicle Basket

This is another basket that takes a big gift and packs it full of smaller gifts! Start with a toddler Little Tikes car and then pack with goodies they can use as the baby grows. Top it with a giant bow and personalize it with the baby’s name if you know it. This is a great gift basket that will provide goods for the baby both now and in the future!

Ideas for a transportation-themed basket:

Laundry Basket Baby Gifts

Babies mean loads and loads of laundry! Help the future parents get started with this laundry basket new baby gift. Start with a laundry basket and fill it with all sorts of goods, laundry-related or not. To create the one in the picture, you can stick two wooden dowels in the basket and string a line between them to create a little clothes line. Top it off by pinning little socks to the line for an adorable gift!

Some ideas:

Football Themed Baby Basket

This is the perfect gift for any parents who are football fans! Start with a basic basket and then add a goalpost. You can make one with PVC pipes or you can buy some centerpieces of Amazon and use those. Hang onesies and other necessities off the goal post to add to this baby basket, then fill the basket with goodies for the parents and the newborn!

Some football-themed items to add:

Swing Baby Basket

A swing basket could be the perfect gift if they have a patio or backyard! Start with a hanging swing for babies and toddlers, then fill it with goods they’ll need as the baby grows. This gift mixes items they can use immediately and things they’ll use in the future!

Summer items for the basket:

Blues Clues Themed Baby Basket

Celebrate with a classic children’s character! Start with a wooden basket and paint it blue (you can also get a blue plastic basket if you’re not crafty). To keep it on theme but add a personalized touch, decorate it with Blues Clues pawprint stickers. This adorable basket it great for baby girls and baby boys!

Blues-Themed Items:

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