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St. Patrick’s Day Drinks – 12 Cocktail Recipes

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day – which means it’s almost time for the drinking of the green!  Get your Irish on with these fabulous 12 St. Patrick’s Day drinks.

Emerald Sunrise
Scrumptious Emerald Sunrise cocktail is the perfect choice for a St. Patrick's drink!

Love the flavors of a tequila sunrise?  Turn your favorite drink into a St. Patrick’s Day speciality by using blue curacao!  Get the complete recipe at The Good Hearted Woman.

St. Patrick’s Day Green Apple Martini
St Patricks Day Green Apple Martini - How fun is this cute green apple martini? The rainbow rimmed glass and chocolate shamrock add such a festive touch!

How fun is the delightful St. Patrick’s Day green apple martini?  The rainbow sugar on the rim and the chocolate shamrock add such festive touches!  Get complete recipe and instructions on the decorations at OhMy!Creative.

Guinness Float
Looking for a frosty St. Patrick's Day cocktail? Check out this delightful Guinness Shake/Float recipe!

There’s no rule that says you have to drink green on St. Patrick’s Day.  This delightful float made with Ireland’s famous Guiness beer is a great choice that combines dessert and alcohol…always a winner!

Shamrock Sour
St. Patrick's Day Cocktails - Tart Shamrock sour is the perfect signature cocktail for a festive St. Paddy's Day gathering!

Looking for a clever signature cocktail for your St. Patrick’s day party?  Serve up this festive Shamrock Sour.  This clever twist on the traditional whiskey sour features Irish whiskey with a touch of green for good luck!

Sparkling Champagne Shamrock Cocktail
Sparkling Shamrock Champagne Cocktail - toast your way to a brilliant St. Patrick's Day with this gorgeous (and scrumptious) green champagne cocktail!

What’s a holiday without champagne?  Although beer is traditionally associated with St. Paddy’s day, this gorgeous green champagne cocktail is a fabulous drink for St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s especially brilliant if you’re starting your party early in the day!

Irish Coffee Recipe
Irish Coffee Recipe - a fabulous after-dinner drink for St. Patrick's Day...or really, just about any day! Love the shamrock decoration on top!

End your day in style with a warming Irish coffee!   Originally developed by an Irish chef to greet American tourists from the first trans-Atlantic flights, a properly prepared Irish coffee should look like a Guinness.  Get the recipe for this traditional after-dinner drink at EatWell101.

Grasshopper Ice Cream Cocktail
Looking for a minty ice cream treat for St. Patrick's Day? Try out this delightful Grasshopper Ice Cream Cocktail!

This frosty green cocktail is worthy of blowing your diet on St. Patrick’s Day.  The tempting concoction of ice cream, cream de menthe,  Creme de Cacao liquor, and Irish whiskey is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Irish Mojito
Irish Mojito - Don't you just love the gorgeous layered look of this St. Patrick's Day cocktail? A great drink recipe for any St. Paddy's day party!

Isn’t this layered mojito just beautiful?  And it tastes as fabulous as it looks!  The trick is to add a drizzle of creme de menthe, which will sink to the bottom.  Check out the complete instructions at The Recipe Girl.

Irish Appletinis
Tart and tangy Irish Appletinis are the perfect cocktail for a festive St. Patrick's Day party!

Impress your guests with this festive green cousin of the popular cosmo.  Make the drink up ahead of time and freeze it for about an hour for a super-frosty treat.  Get the recipe at Full Fork Ahead.

Mint Chip Cookietini Cocktail
St. Patrick's Day Drinks - Looking for a fabulous St. Patrick's Day cocktail? Check out the recipe for this scrumptious green cocktail that combines mint and cookie flavors in a delicious adult beverage!

Is it a cocktail or a dessert?  One sip of this creamy yumminess and you won’t care!  Rush on over to the Snappy Gourmet and get the recipe.

Irish Margarita Recipe
Irish Margarita Recipe - Because there should be a margarita for every occasion.

Move over, Tex-Mex – make way for the yummy Irish Margarita!  Who knew that mixing Irish whiskey and Mexican tequila could create such a delightful combination?

Jello Shot Rainbow
Bright and cheerful jello shot rainbow is a fabulous drinkable centerpiece for your St. Patrick's Day party!

Have your jello shots do double duty as a party centerpiece and a cocktail!  Just arrange colorful jello shots in the shape of a rainbow…and add a pot of gold to one end.

No time to mix up a fancy drink to celebrate?  Just add a couple of drops of green food coloring to a glass of white wine or light-colored beer to create your own St. Patrick’s Day green cocktail!

Looking for more fun cocktail recipes? Check out these festive drink ideas:

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