Taylor Swift Graduation Caps

Are you a Swiftie? Are you graduating this year? Celebrate your graduation with a Taylor Swift graduation cap! These Blondie-inspired caps celebrate all eras and tons of different songs, so you can find one that you’ll love! Regardless if you’re graduating from high school, college or even from a graduate program, you can find a clever mortar board idea!

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1. In My ______ Era

In My Nurse Era - Personalizable Taylor Swift Graduation Cap

2. This Cap That Combines You’re On You’re On Kid and Bejeweled

You're On Your Own Kid and Bejeweled Inspired Graduation Cap - 20 Incredible Taylor Swift Graduation Cap Ideas

Because you can be both Bejeweled and On You’re Own!

3. Class of 2024 (Your Version)

Class of 2023 (Avery's Version) Graduation Cap - Taylor Swift Grad Cap Ideas

Or as Taylor would say, “My version.”

4. This Master Mind-Inspired Taylor Swift Grad Cap

Taylor Swift Inspired Master Mind Graduation Cap - Taylor Swift Mortar Board Ideas

Of course you’re a mastermind! You’re graduating!

5. 22-Inspired Graduation Cap

A Lot Going On at The Moment - Taylor Swift Graduation Cap - Eras Tour Inspired Graduation Caps

6. Long Live/Speak Now Inspired Grad Cap

Long Live All The Magic We Made - Taylor Swift Graduation Caps for High School Graduation - College Graduation Caps

7. This New Year’s Day-Inspired Cap

New Year's Day - Taylor Swift Grad Caps - Reputation Graduation Cap Ideas

8. A Memorable Fearless Graduation Cap

Fearless Graduation Cap - Taylor Swift Grad Cap Ideas

9. A Combo You Belong With Me/New Year’s Day Cap

Junior Jewels/New Year's Day Graduation Cap - High School Taylor Swift Graduation Caps

Two of the best songs in one!

10. Don’t Blame Me, College Made Me Crazy

Don't Blame Me Graduation Cap - Reputation Grad Cap - Taylor Swift Mortar Board

11. This Sweet Karma Cap

12. An August Inspired Cap

To Live For The Hope of It All - August/Folklore Inspired Grad Cap

13. Happy, Confused, Free and GRADUATED!

22 and Red Inspired Grad Cap - Taylor Swift Graduation Ideas

14. Anti-Hero Inspired Cap

Anti-Hero Inspired Graduation Cap - 30 Taylor Swift Grad Cap Ideas

15. Don’t You Dream Impossible Things Grad Cap

Starlight Don't You Dream Impossible Things - Taylor Swift Grad Cap - Unique Swiftie Grad Cap

16. 15-Inspired Graduation Cap

15 Inspired Graduation Cap - Fearless Grad Cap Ideas

17. This Look What You Made Me Do Printable Mortar Board

Look What You Made Me Do / Reputation Graduation Cap

Perfect for anyone in a rush who doesn’t have time to make their own cap!

18. This is Me Trying Grad Cap

This is Me Trying - Folklore Inspired Graduation Cap

19. A Poignant All Too Well Grad Cap

All Too Well Graduation Cap

I love the inclusion of the family pictures!

20. Long Story Short Grad Cap

Long Story Short Graduation Cap - Evermore Graduation Cap - Taylor Swift Inspired Grad Caps

21. Anti-Hero Graduation Cap

Anti-Hero Graduation Cap

22. This Funny Reputation Inspired Cap

Reputation Inspired Grad Cap - Look What You Made Me Do Grad Cap

23. We Are Never Ever Going Back to High School!

Red Inspired Graduation Cap - Taylor Swift Grad Cap

23. Last Great American Dynasty Inspired Cap

Folklore Grad Cap - Grad Cap Ideas for Swifties

24. A Lover-Colored Daylight Cap

Daylight/Lover Inspired Grad Cap

25. A Speak Now Themed Grad Cap

Innocent/Speak Now Grad Cap Idea


Taylor Swift Inspired Graduation Caps - 25 Grad Caps for Swifties
25 Grad Caps for Swifties
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