Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props {with FREE Printables}

Spice up your Thanksgiving pictures this year with funny Thanksgiving photo booth props. Make sure your Turkey Day photos are the hit of Instagram & Facebook!

Thanksgiving Photo Booth Prop Kits

It doesn’t get much easier than ordering a photo booth prop kit online!  Here are some of my top picks:

Pre-Assembled 25 Piece Photo Prop Set


Thanksgiving photo booth prop kit - Make your Thanksgiving pictures the hit of Instagram and Facebook this year by using funny Thanksgiving photo props. Click to see the top picks!
Cute, fun, affordable – and best of all – ALREADY ASSEMBLED!  Which means you don’t have to scramble around attaching the props to sticks right before your guests arrive. 

Pre-assembled photo booth props available from Amazon.

27 Piece Photo Booth Prop Set with Large Inflatable Frame


Fun photo booth prop set with frame is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving gathering! Pre-assembled set includes over 20 funny signs that are already attached to the sticks

Click to see the rest of the signs in the set at Amazon.

Friendsgiving Photo Booth Props


Celebrating Friendsgiving? Then this is the perfect photo booth prop kit! 

Cute 10 piece kit includes the wooden dowels, adhesive, and stickers for reinforcement.

Friendsgiving photo booth kit available at Amazon.

Print at Home Thanksgiving Photo Props

If you want to save money – or you’re thinking of this on at the last minute – print your own photo props at home.

Etsy has a wonderful selection of photo prop printables.  You can download them instantly and print them on heavy cardstock on your home printer.

See more Thanksgiving photo booth props at Etsy.

Funny Thanksgiving Hats

Pass these hilarious hats around before or after dinner for some sure-fire Instagram-worthy photos!

Deluxe Turkey Hat


They say turkey is the star attraction at Thanksgiving – this year, YOU can be the star!


If you have friends who are willing to wear these as well, why not order a party pack of turkey hats – they make excellent photo booth accessories!



Roasted Turkey Hat


Brightly colored head gear isn’t your style?  You might like this  more simple, less colorful turkey hat.



Turkey Referee Hat


Combine both of your favorite Thanksgiving day traditions in one attention-drawing hat.



Pumpkin Pie Hat


Are you all about the pie?  Then show your love with this pumpkin pie hat – maybe you’ll get an extra piece!



Corn Cob Hat


Your favorite vegetarian can join in on the Thanksgiving fun without sacrificing their principles.



Pilgrim Hat


One thing to be thankful for is that we don’t have to dress like the Pilgrims…but if you’re really feeling historic, then go for it!



Turkey Hat for Babies


Thanksgiving photo props - Even the youngest baby deserves a funny Thanksgiving photo prop. How cute is this adorable turkey hat?
No need to leave the youngest tykes out of the Thanksgiving frolics!  Adorable turkey knitted cap is soft, cozy, and oh-so-cute.



Funny Thanksgiving Headbands

Inexpensive headbands are another great photo booth accessory.  Order enough for everyone at dinner – you’re guaranteed to get some hilarious group shots!

Turkey Drumstick Boppers


Fun turkey drumstick boppers won’t mess up your carefully-arranged holiday hair.  Order one just for yourself, or enough for the whole gathering.




Turkey Headbands


The perfect accent to add a little holiday humor to your outfit.  Complements any outfit (trust me, I’m a fashion expert) from formal dress to your Thanksgiving 5k running gear.



Other Fun Thanksgiving Accessories

Is your Thanksgiving truly complete until you’ve talked some brave man into wearing a turkey necktie?

Turkey Necktie


Just what every man needs if he’s going to a formal Thanksgiving dinner.




Run Now, Gobble Later Socks

Running a Turkey Day trot?  Show off your Thanksgiving spirit with these colorful socks that feature “Run Now, Gobble Later” on the back.



Turkey Apron


Super-cute apron provides great protection for your clothes while you’re cooking up a storm.


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Free Printable Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props

Save money and just print out these free Thanksgiving photo booth props on your home printer!   (Be sure to use heavy card stock).

Then just cut them out, and glue or tape them to sticks (chopsticks work great!) to create your own photo booth props.

Just click on the image below, and the photo booth props will open in a new window, ready for printing..  They’re each on their own page – print them all or just a few.

Free Thanksgiving Photo Props - Spice up your Thanksgiving pictures this year with fun photo booth props (they're free!) Make sure your Thanksgiving photos are Instagram worthy!

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